Avacas Corge / Cyprus / 14.08.2020

This is where we parted. In the middle of the road, during the trip to the canyon, I had to go back to the car for the frame. I hesitated for a moment. The heat was pouring down from the sky, there was absolutely no shade and no clue as to how far the destination was. I turned back. I wanted to get to the car and back as soon as possible. White and hot. White has many shades and colours. Without context, white is yellow, grey and blue. Sand masks the landscape like powder. Trees, shrubs, mountains and the road. All covered in powder. Drenched in sunburnt powder. The sun is burning.

Szklarska Poręba / Poland / 06.02.2011

White and cold.
Each photograph used during the journey stops being luggage, changes its destiny, takes on a new life. It creates a unique travel sack with a story in the background. Always just one. One shot, one sack. Luggage (no excess)