Wiórek / Poland / 04.07.2020

The garden has become our whole world. We travel through it as if through distant lands. We discover new planets, new galaxies and alien civilizations. 26 “alien” species have flown into our garden in two months. I have identified them all. Unidentified leaping, crawling and flying objects roam around our unkept grass. I witness their constant fight for survival. I wonder if they’ve only just noticed us or have they been observing us for a long time? Are there other worlds we will get to know, or is this garden the only thing left for us? Now we travel from blade of grass to leaf, from tree to flowers, from earth to sky. We are left with our imagination to discover new planets. And the hope to see them.

Paris / France / 03.02.2020

We are soaring. We belong to earth or to the cosmos. Sealed into a meagre space, we belong to no one. Between the sky and the earth, with the hope of discovering new worlds within our reach. We shall reach our destination and we shall discover. Or not.

Each photograph used during the journey stops being luggage, changes its destiny, takes on a new life. It creates a unique travel sack with a story in the background. Always just one. One shot, one sack. Luggage (no excess)