Puck Bay / Hel Peninsula / Poland / 16.06.2019

In May, garpikes fill the waters here; in June, kite-surfers fill the sky. There is no one here now. The season hasn’t yet started. The only people we meet are the wedding guests brought back to life again. Today is the last day and we’ll be parting ways. Others bond for life. That’s life.

Montenegro / 13.07.20119

Winches, four-wheel drive, differential lock, kinetics, roof tents, hi-lift, water tanks, off-road showers, canned goods, generators and CB communication. Satellite maps of the area. We can survive in any wilderness under the harshest of conditions. Driving off-road vehicles has its advantages. You can go virtually anywhere as long as you can drive, you can sleep anywhere and survive. The expected, difficult mountain terrain turned out to be very flat and friendly for motorists. We could have driven the miniature Fiat Type 126 car and we would still have managed to get around without all the heavy equipment we’d brought for use in a difficult terrain. But it’s a blast. We stop at a meadow in bloom between the mountains. We wade into herbs, up to our knees. Sniffing and breathing. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Adin, dwa, tri, czetyrie.
Dariusz Baranowski covering himself with the frame just before turning in for the night, after the wedding.
Each photograph used during the journey stops being luggage, changes its destiny, takes on a new life. It creates a unique travel sack with a story in the background. Always just one. One shot, one sack. Luggage  (no excess)


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